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Monday, April 18, 2011

CT Tri-State Roundup: Jim Bouton

Former New York Yankee Jim Bouton has committed to playing at the 4th of July All-Star game pitting the Tri-State All Stars vs. The Torrington Titans. Jim was a member of the World Series champion 1962 New York Yankees ball club and pitched in the 1963 major league baseball all-star game. Bouton started his career with the New York Yankees in 1962. Bouton appeared in 36 games during the 1962 season, including 16 starts, and had a win-loss record of 7-7. By 1965, arm injuries unfortunately started to slow him down. In 1968, Bouton left the Yankees and played for the Seattle Pilots in 1969 and then moved on to play for the Houston Astros from 1969-1970.
Bouton retired midway through the 1970 season after the Astros sent him to the minor leagues. He moved on to local sports anchor jobs, as well as acting in a few movies and television shows. Bouton returned to baseball in 1975 with the Portland Mavericks, skipped the 1976 season, and returned in 1977 when Bill Veeck signed him to a contract with the Chicago White Sox. Bouton then went on to play for the Atlanta Braves in 1978.
Bouton is the author of Ball Four,  a controversial baseball book that is a memoir of his 1969 season, along with his years with the Yankees, Pilots, and Astros. His national bestseller revealed habits and exploits of ballplayers and exposed a side of baseball that was previously unseen.
Jim still throws 3 times a week and has mastered the knuckleball. He will use that knuckler for one inning against the Titans.

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